People and Planet First

There’s growing demand for businesses that put people and planet first. But it can be hard to tell the real thing from marketing hype.

To help change this, People and Planet First global verification has launched. It sets five clear and robust minimum standards. Verification against these is simple and affordable. It is governed by social enterprise sector partners around the world, to protect integrity.  No greenwashing. No social washing. No complication. Just businesses that put people and planet first.

Social Traders
Social Traders is the trailblazer of Social Enterprise Procurement in Australia. They connect Certified Social Enterprises with Business and Government Members. By activating the power of Social Enterprise Procurement, they create positive impact through jobs, community services and support for the most marginalised.
– Social Traders certification

SEES – The Social Entrepreneurship Evidence Space
Find insights and research about social entrepreneurship

Centre for Social Impact Swinburne
The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Swinburne is an interdisciplinary research and graduate education centre that strives to create more equitable social and economic systems by working with the people and organisations that make change happen.

Impact Boom
Impact Boom helps people and organisations unleash their greatest potential to create positive social impact. We work across the ecosystem to create the right conditions, resources, tools and programs to help people tackle social and environmental challenges, changing the world for the better.

Social Procurement Framework – Victorian Government
The aspirational framework from Victoria for Tasmania which establishes requirements that apply to Victorian Government departments and agencies when they procure goods, services and construction.


Social-Enterprise-Toolkit from Ireland SEN



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